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Modern sleepwear and loungewear - finally.

Here at RECLINER, we believe you should feel just as good in the clothes you wear at home as those you wear outside. We just couldn't find any nightwear that lived up to our expectations. Style should never fall short to comfort. Fit and styling should always be paramount. So, we set out to design a range of pajamas and loungewear that offered the best. Our PJ pants and shorts boast smooth, flattering waistlines. Our ‘Point Collar’ pajama shirt is trim and chic. And here we started to reinvent sleepwear. We offer a range of prints and styles that can be mixed or matched to provide you with more options for your sleepwear wardrobe, year round. Our robes are perfect for home and travel. We take a retropective approach to our Loungewear aesthetic - a byegone age that provided romance and allure. We infuse this with modern design to bring you a sleepwear range that sits beautifully alongside the needs of the 21st century woman.

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Womens Pajamas, PJs, Sleepwear and Loungewear by Recliner